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Stop Using Stereotypical Cheap Stock Photos

Are you tired of seeing a photograph of businessmen shaking hands or a group of people laughing? Well, you probably all are. But, that does not mean you should spend most of your budget on expensive photoshoots. We are saying that you have a lot of options. Remember when we said that cheap stock photo sites has millions and millions of stock photos cheap in their libraries? We are not joking. They really do. And, to stop using stereotypical images, you should consider this.

The only reason that we can think of why people use stereotypical images is laziness. Cheap stock photo sites, as we said, have millions of incredible photos available online. Quite possibly, you could also create your own unique photography. If you do not have the time or resources to conduct your own photoshoot, there is another option. Just because you have limited budget does not mean you settle for terrible images.

Here are some ways you can avoid using clichéd stock photo cheap with limited time and budget:

  • Consider illustrations
    Stock illustrations often convey personality and character. They make a statement and do not appear childish. In fact, creative professionals have increasingly used them on their websites and blogs.
  • Know how to integrate
    If you choose to use cheap stock photos, they do not have to be confined in a box. Give a relatively poor cheap stock photography a life by seeking new ways to integrate it within your design.
  • Stylize
    There are occasions when you have to work with low quality images. This usually happens when the client provides you with the stock images you have to work with or when the budget does not allow you to get a better quality stock photography. This is the time when you let your creativity go wild. Enhance your images using filters and Photoshop.
  • Choose a stock photo cheap with a punch

If you have the luxury to choose your own stock photography, choose an image with a punch. Do not settle for the first photo you see. Remember that color, style and composition make a huge difference.

The key to not using stereotypical images is by stop being literal. Keep in mind that some of the most powerful stock photos cheap are abstract. To draw users and engage them in, make sure that your images convey emotion and information.  Certain cheap stock photography has become so overused that they started to lose their meaning. They do not carry any positive emotional message. They do not convey any valuable information as well. In a word, these clichéd images have become no more than a placeholder to fill up space in your website or blog.