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Stockphoto Agencies: Why Should You Buy From Them?

If you are reading this, you are probably torn between buying stock photos and downloading free images. Let us answer your question quick: buy your photos from Stockphoto agencies. While

there are also hundreds of thousands of free images in the internet, they come with a certain risk. When you are building a reputation, you don’t want to associate with them. Here are some legitimate reasons why you should buy stock images from agencies instead:

  • Free images have limitations. When you download free images, you cannot use them in any project for as long as you like. They come with several limitations that may hinder you from making full use of the images. They are often not available for commercial purposes.
  • Stockphoto agencies sell licenses along with images. Unlike free images, you can purchase stockphoto images with the right license. The most common licenses are Royalty-free and Rights-managed. Check hereRF allows you to use the images in any project for as long as you like. On the other hand, RM only allows you to use the images for specific purposes, time and sometime location.
  • Stockphoto agencies protect you from copyright violations. Since you are getting images with licenses, you have the protection you need when the copyright police is on patrol. You can show them the receipt of your purchase to ensure that you didn’t illegally download your images.
  • They allows you to edit and retouch. When you are building a brand, you want your images to represent you in the best way. That’s why, sometimes, you need to do some edits and retouches to make it suit your theme and style. With free images, that’s not possible without violating copyright laws. Photos from stock photo agencies, on the other hand, allow you to edit and retouch photos to your liking.

So, should you buy stock photos or download them for free? This should not be a dilemma at all. With the implementation of copyright laws, it has become a requirement to buy from stock photo agencies rather than illegally download from the Internet.